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In 2K20 and previous matches has not posted anything yet
Start date 20-07-20 - 14:02
End date 31-07-20 - 14:02
  • Description

    The game ought to feel like the gamers possess solidity and weight. The ball and players must proceed through/clip the backboard, the crowd, each other or the target stand. It ought to be like cars in GTA, they never clip or move through walls or other cars. The match ought to have more realistic, results at the rim. In 2K20 and previous matches, cartoons are so canned you can realize what animation is all about to happen and exactly what it looks like down to last detail. Every shot ought to be block-able and every block needs to be able to be avoided, and that should be based on ability (and AI difficulty).

    It ought to be a lot easier to do a windmill (or reverse layup) or 360 (layup or dunk) the higher the score, and what dunk (or layup) you want to perform should not be based on cartoons, but what you do with all the sticks, left stick determines spin/direction, and stick determines what you do with the ball in your palms. Blocks should follow the sticks, left stick is right stick and jump direction. Pressing on square will give you a regular dunk or layup and pressing triangle will make you go up on a block. The sticks should be also followed by dribbling. Also, hard touch and strikes should lead to a very small chance of harm.

    Why cant 2k have good servers? Like deadass. How about we fix these? Every match is laggy and delayed although I have great internet but. You have to discharge your shot because of the delay. I dont even play games. And I'd really like to do this. Like what is it in technology terms. Other matches dont play like this. Why does it happen every year? Can we get committed servers or something? That is one of my most important issues with 2k every year. My career online proposal: please patch lockdowns with hall of fame interceptor from stealing it off the inbound person ( when I'm the one stuck in place from the inbound when I evaluate or anything, the lockdown aka my guy can steal it out of me even though he is stuck in place only cuz he has HOF interceptor).

    I mainly play with myteam cause I think the park is one of the worst aspects of this game. To repair myteam would be so straightforward. Tiered options. Personally, I don't wish to play against opals and pink diamonds, there ought to be an unlimited mode for each tier, and if you win a certain number of games you get a player from the tier above (alter them monthly or have an amethyst player pack as the reward for your Ruby tier for example), this could reward players for playing the sport without even punishing people who don't wish to shell out money on packs. Reduced teams that are tiered would also open up to make the game at the same time encourage their participant collection to expand and more diverse whilst keeping them competitive. Each tier might have there have leaderboard.

    Eliminate all ability to change offensive and defensive settings even the ability to choose the precise play that's called. This should be controlled with the combination of participant selected, coach chosen and playbook. I believe this will result in all sorts of staff assembles for play styles. The issue with 2k for years has been lose or play the META. Permit us to produce and save lineups before we"start" the match. We should not have to change each time we are loading into a match although this should be self explanatory but.

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