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Madden 21 Beta Codes For The Madden Subreddit has not posted anything yet
Start date 30-07-20 - 14:15
End date 13-08-20 - 14:15
  • Description

    EA Sports has achieved and provided a chunk of Madden 21 closed beta codes. These codes are for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. The Madden community supervisor reached out and made certain we were the first sub to get codes so we don't feel like we're being ignored. From our conversation, you can be assured your voices by me but please continue to provide feedback in a way that is constructive. If you are interested in getting a closed beta code, then please reply to the thread with the participant you're excited to use in Madden 21 along with the console you're on. We'll randomly pick winners through the day.

    Please don't overwhelm the mod team with messages or DMs requesting beta codes. That is a surefire way. There are just 2 things and we request anyone we provide a code to follow these rules. You aren't permitted to capture/stream/post pictures or videos of this Madden 21 Closed Beta. Please provide comments. While we're fortunuate sufficient to get a fantastic chunk of codes, they move relatively quickly and once we run out, we aren't able to receive any more.

    I am a Madden fan, player and advocate. I have been playing for 15 decades and would love to offer constructive comments on the Madden 21 beta. I have experience in of course, CFM, and H2H MUT. I am a enormous MUT player and have been the last couple of years. Would like to share my knowledge, assist in any way and critique Madden 21. Looking forward to utilizing teams and many players. 1 participant in particular that sparks my interest. I'm a player.

    So basically I just got into Madden because my buddy told me to pick it up and hear are the issues and what I enjoy about Madden 20 so you can take these thoughts into another game if you'd like. So basically I truly enjoy face of the franchise but I want to have the ability to play another position other than QB but with I noticed that when I make a player in regular franchise that is a wide receiver the ai QB rarely picks a pass play and largely only runs the ball leaving me to do so I think that should be worked on.

    I also have an issue with particular animations using tipped balls there is times were that the ball is bouncing off the gamers just off their hands when in fact they would grab that ball. But onto what I like to play and what I believe is good so that I play with superstar ko a lot since I believe it's got the most replayability out all of the modes because each game differs and I think it's much more casual than other online modes such as in supreme team. I also like x-factor and celebrity abilities I think they are great addition and makes those fantastic players like Michael Thomas and Lamar Jackson feel as they're the very best at what they do if the x-factor strikes.

    More information about Madden 21 in