Can't we fill the space with the items we obtained in the log Cover Image


Can't we fill the space with the items we obtained in the log

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Can't we fill the space with the items we obtained in the log has not posted anything yet
Start date 13-08-20 - 14:11
End date 31-08-20 - 14:11
  • Description

    Mod Roq explained a couple weeks back that iron guys can not use things that we got pre-collection log on the log to fill in the space. His reasoning was that some irons might've achieved things and it would be unfair to others? As far as I'm aware, there's no competition to filling the log, there's no hiscores, and nobody will ever finish it anyway, so how could it be unfair?

    The collection log is simply a personal goal sort of thing that is nice to look at to find out what drops you've had throughout your accounts, a tracker to learn exactly what you've obtained / your private progression in one location, or what you have left (such as clue items you need). It's got nothing to do with different people, therefore Roq's justification is really bad imo. See how far we have gotten and we just like to play with with our own game. It's not fun looking in a blanked out DWH just because I got it that is obviously and before the log existed.

    I really hope this gets spoken about. I got a lot of things pre-collection log and due to that I never look at it because it's rather pointless. The reasoning doesn't make sense and just sounds like an excuse. There are no high scores. The bigger issue is that. They have the item and are not prohibited.

    Can I get clarification? Why cant men and women that have spaced login user names revert back to having a screen name if they've changed their name at some stage in the previous 8 decades? This wasn't the rule when the screen name program came out years before, and it wasn't the rule as lately as 2012. Was this an intentional change to the naming system?

    Recognizing that the ability to make fresh multispaced accounts has been removed in mid 2006,I realize there is probably a dwindling number of others still playing multispaced login balances, and this is not a priority concern for you men at all but some sort of input on this would be nice.

    More information about RuneScape in