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That Has Appeared To Be A Change

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Start date 14-08-20 - 07:00
End date 30-08-20 - 08:00
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    Not knowledgeable about the voting system. Why is it that they put in much effort and then place it to a vote? Would not it make more sense then and to share their thoughts start work based on the survey result? They have to make a core notion + a few theory arts+ design before polling it, website people have a rough idea what they're voting for, all which go to waste if the poll fails. The majority of the work is completed after the poll passes naturally, but they also need to market the players with more notions in order the ability for it to pass a survey.

    It was not even that effort. It was a prototype + rewards and an idea. They did not even have a design doc or anything made, as those were locked behind the survey passing. It's like saying the RS3 mods once we shot down their first and rework plans, squandering a great deal of work. They were only ideas and prototypes in the time. No art assets, no design or balancing. No, a lot of time was spent on warding design. Like this for example that has a document. And it was one of the many revisions that they did it based on feedback.

    It was content the mods were excited and passionate about that the large level community taken down because it might mess with rankings that the best 1000 players cared about. That entire situation was a loss for its polling system. Yes, that was the only reason. It was not the hoard of mid levels moving"only add this to present abilities" or the minority who were bitching because it had been"rsTHRE"-esque.It was purely the HLC and the sweaty neckbeards.

    Check out for more details.