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That remains among the greatest criticisms of all RS3

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That remains among the greatest criticisms of all RS3 has not posted anything yet
Start date 18-08-20 - 14:36
End date 31-08-20 - 14:36
  • Description

    Or perhaps this is an OSRS team hazing where they allow the community to ruin the hopes and dreams of a brand new mod. C'mon, give me something for RC that doesnt require me developing carpitunel to level.

    It was interesting hearing that the rationale is that gamers dont want to be"pressured" to do turael slayer just to search for boss tasks. Obviously he has a great deal of game experience, but he's catering to the extremely niche playerbase with that line of reasoning. And Jmods need to stop saying"Don't flame us for the blog, its us collecting feedback" There have been heaps of polls where they fall a blog with poll questions tagged on in the end, then the content becomes polled as is without listening to opinions until after it neglected the survey. Its a valid concern that they will poll it without assessing the content. Imo it only needs to not be tied into the slayer helm dps buff, also its a viable piece of content.

    I really don't think a new mods first project should be on something which can/will impact RuneScape in such a large way/scale. At least not with a shit ton of oversight and babysitting (and there whats the stage, just put a experienced dev on it), that clearly hasn't happened. As disrespectful as it is, his leash for his job shouldn't have been granted slack. He should not have been okayed to do something that affects so much of RuneScape to this level. Whoever saw by enabling this to come this far, him neglected too. When he purposed it to them as an idea, we shouldn't have seen this, it should've been stopped. Has such a drastic effect on RuneScape. Zero idea was put into the long-term effects it'd have by this dev. It was not enough When he did and he clearly does not understand enough. The OSRS team knows better. Or I thought they did.

    Indeed, in its own website article, Jagex describes just 1 part of the suggestion as:"This seems mad strong, right? That is as it is." Developers need to be weary they are presiding over a fanbase which is tired of large changes. The Slayer suggestion is a massive change. This seems dropped on Jagex, which has been disheartening. I will not go with all the slayer changes, as those have been covered with reasoned criticisms throughout this forum. However, I would like to reiterate that my issue is not with any 1 suggestion in vacuum; it is about the very nature of the shift itself.

    The matter here is that change is too meta-shifting and too strong. It runs afoul of why players favor OSRS over RS3 of the very principles. The Slayer Helmet is your offender. The entire PvM bossing meta basically alters. Sure, in specific instances, a participant may wish to farm a particular boss off-task, let's say for pet-hunting motives. But out of that? This slayer master provides an incredibly powerful profitable and leveling-method. For those concerned with"EZSCAPE," -- that remains among the greatest criticisms of all RS3 -- this is a bad offender.

    More information about RuneScape in