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Start date 19-08-20 - 06:00
End date 30-08-20 - 07:00
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    Cosmetic things such as if a participant on your team is injured he must be on the seat with your teammates hyping the active gamers, players talking garbage while in the free throw line etc. small items like that go a long way. Players showing more emotion in NBA 2K21 game would be fine. Additionally adding things once you win championships would be cool including banners will be nice. Also if a participant was worth getting his jersey add that in the rafters too.

    Add in records that could be broken, it'll be interactive and it's going make players attempt to try and play better in the nba. That would be dope as all get out and I know lots of folks would do this. Just start out with mycareer with it then eventually you can build up to adding in park for the WNBA. Do not make badges worth more than your attributes. I currently have a sharpshooter with a 96 3 point taken. Until I obtained HoF badges, I didn't start hitting 3.

    Say you retire you're myplayer and he gets the HoF, do a cross over with myGM and continue his legacy being a GM and he is famous for what you did on the court throughout his career. Redefine myplayer nation. I have seen plenty of men (including myself) play their match then their mycareer gets glitched and become unplayable. Fixing simple things might take time but it'll make NBA 2K21 10x better. Being in a position to generate a my career. I'd say 2-8 of you men. Can make your my players in exactly the same league you all do the combine, summer league, gram league etc. get drafted and play through the season rival. User games would be your teams playing against easy other at the same time together with you controlling your player.

    Add back the gram league, rather than at a cut scene type way or you only play 2-3 games. If you're draft inventory is poor or when you're at the nba and you suck on then you visit the gram Celtics for x amount of matches until you demonstrate that you are able to be on an nba roster. And add my participant injuries. Injuries come with playing with NBA 2K21 but do not make overpowering. If you're player hurt one will affect. NOT ON PARK/PRO AM/ REC. Do not make the injuries super common or non existing. Give us a durability score which we can update by going to clinic and the Gatorade training centre.

    Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.