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Start date 28-08-20 - 06:00
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    If you read everything he said you would understand what im saying. The continuous bashing off girls for only wanting to be in a basketball match. Like what I said how can you support something similar to blm which intended to symbolise equality for all but then constanly want to belittle girls in everything that you do. You can compare people without bashing them. A good deal of the things being said aren't mandatory, most of us know men are better than women in the majority sports no have to state it in a degrading way. More importantly ITS a NBA 2K21 match if nba2k decided to go down the origin 98 ovr wnba players are getting stomped by 67 ovr nba players do you know how bad that looks for the company.

    Look at you trying to flip the script, you're making yourself look dumb how is placing girls in a NBa NBA 2K21 game sexist, is that really your own defense. You talk about realism but your able to moonwalk beyond defenders, speed increase, momentium dribble spam, so get tf out of here with realism. Online gamemodes"The Park" is a spacious world where you can play so stating only men are permitted in this park and only women are allowed in this park, so do you believe thats fine, thats exactly the same as stating only white people are permitted in 1 park and black people are allowed in another.

    Plus it wouldn't even be a miniature game it would its own gamemode within my career in which there's the wnba along with the nba. And advocating for another game known as wnba do you believe will be better financially for 2k for a company to seperate it to 2 distinct matches it would cost a lot more cash, but you didn't think about that did you? I've literally debunked everything you have said. Imagine attempting to call me sexist, when your the one with the sexist ideology that baffles me.

    Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.