That's already in NBA 2K21 and it is called contesting a shooter Cover Image


That's already in NBA 2K21 and it is called contesting a shooter

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That's already in NBA 2K21 and it is called contesting a shooter has not posted anything yet
Start date 01-09-20 - 14:13
End date 30-09-20 - 14:13
  • Description

    That's already in NBA 2K21 and it is called contesting a shooter. If Gobert doesn't contest in life, people are not bricking just because they are usually fearful of him. Sometimes he along with other excellent rimprtecting guys in the NBA just kind of imitation like they're going to leap up and block, but they don't because they know they should still guard other guys right under the hoop, but fake will mess up the guy with the ball a little bit. But yeah usually that only works if the guy is a significant center for blocking shots known. You fake help defense to get the ball handler to generate a decision tho that is bad not to alter the shot, you are just hoping to get them to pick their dribble up and create a shot or pass. Bright players will not bite on this. Since there's not any counterplay to it, intimidator is a mechanic that is bad, it just nerfs the place around the rim essentially.

    I think of all the things that could push towards precision, intimidator is this a bad option. I think that it makes sense that others should be intimidated by a center but what 2k did together with the badge is, in theory, allow a situation where there goes a mismatch in favor of the smaller guy. In the 2k community gamers are hitting open whites, especially and accustomed to greens. When you present a badge such as that it ruins the integrity of its point due to everyone, instead of centers, utilizing it. I adore and understand basketball but in relation to a NBA 2K21 match it is not a fantastic option. If you are a superstar 3 who is into frog girls you shouldn't be concerned about people going outside.Shaq shooting unlimited 3's being one example. Eddy Curry being anything other than squandered potential being another. Why can not John Stockton be 7 feet tall, if Shaq could have a 90 3-ball? They mess with every attribute/skill but leave the vitals untouched. So essentially they're putting a Shaq skin. It is because as a lover in life you wish to perform items, not Curry things, if you purchase Shaq. You're not expecting to score through skyhooks in the lane, if Curry is bought by you. Let the players be if they're not gon na be anything close to their real life counterpart who they are as mentioned above with Earl Monroe license them?

    Take that exact same Shaq and call it John Smith and individuals would still use it when it had been good, so do that? The reason is that they are currently relying upon name recognition for the sales and it is another bait and switch. MT on the TTO prize board can help. It doesn't. Since the cards get better and more costly parallel should be ascended in by the MT and token prizes. Not just a 1:1 ratio (the inflation could be a little more than the earnings but not a lot more.) This includes the daily schedule and the login prizes. No one will be enticed to win a Domination game by 20 utilizing 3 Heat players.

    Nobody wishes to grind win after win with crappy prizes, simply to reach the last board version (Wins 8-10) and see crappy prizes there too, with 5 and 4 balls accessible to bounce around for 500 MT. When someone reaches 12 wins in MTU they are guaranteed a POTM, but after one reaches 10 wins in TTO they're subjected to arbitrary rubbish that more often than not ends in disappointment. Make Boards 8-10 have a flooring of 500 MT since the lowest reward (in those gloomy facet trays) and have guaranteed 10 tokens in the yellow center trays and randomised good prizes in both base green trays (packs/players/5k MT etc).

    There is a very cheap Nba 2k21 Mt coins at