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On the analog stick and aim the shot rather

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On the analog stick and aim the shot rather has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-01-21 - 07:00
End date 30-01-21 - 14:00
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    I really don't give a fuck. I am not purchasing Madden 21 or 22. Make changes and I won't purchase your recycled crap. Someone else can spend $2000 on your dumb sim license. They have been making empty claims for several years. The best we could hope for is advancements to Madden 22. Did you read the article? It merely spoke about changes which were made to franchise style for last year, which the modifications stated really did occur. They just weren't important.

    "Franchise has arrived back into being a large focus on the game and it'll continue to be," Young says. "We just want to bring this wealthy immersion and depth to it we're starting to think about it more like a sports RPG." Every year that they hype a bunch of minor adjustments and discuss how important franchise mode is and will continue to be. And every year it's the same outdated and buggy manner it was a decade ago. My guess is they had a strategy for this. Each year that they push their luck further and further before finding our breaking point. This year was that point, and today they will add in some kind of compromise that while likely won't be anything revolutionary, it will be something to tide us over. I will take anything at this time. Disgusting.

    Check out http://www.mmoexp.com for more details.