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I climbed up lucky enough to experience Runescape

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I climbed up lucky enough to experience Runescape has not posted anything yet
Start date 23-06-20 - 11:06
End date 30-06-20 - 11:06
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    When I look at the young generation now, I see young people that will not encounter games which will remain with them the manner Runescape did for those of us that grew up on it. The majority of the names today, among of sea of games, do not stand out and specify a generation the manner Runescape has. Runescape created its own individuality that stays in the heart of millions of adults and carved its own path. It is quite a timeless adventure. I can remember, vividly, how my life progressed from from when I started playing with Runescape and each year thereafter. Runescape is like a guidestone for my own memories with mark that remind me of where I was when that happened in my entire life, and how old I was.

    Runescape is not only magic, but it is truly a part of me and that I wouldn't have it any other way. Regardless of what choices I make or where I go, all roads lead back to Runescape at the core of my identity. It is integral to everything I do even when I am not aware of it. The lessons I've learned, adventures I had, and have had a lasting impact on who I am. This experience helped me hone my business, planning, and prioritization among other things. Thank you Jagex, and to the community for keeping the memory of our childhoods thriving and living.

    That is very boomer of you. I am 23, I climbed up using runescape and I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on it growing up throughout my alloted computer time and would definitely say it had an effect on me growing up. But if you think games such as Minecraft and fortnite are not standouts that will shape the childhoods of many younger players you are wrong. It's absurd these games are. Id agree, its only generational differences. Children today will look back on Fortnite and Minecraft the same way we do in Runescape. Just let people enjoy matters.

    I really don't think he meant they are not standouts. I might be wrong but I really feel like he was more referring to him playing the same game for his whole youth even until now. I mean I've been enjoying with RS for approximately 15 decades. Games such as Fortnite might have difficulty lasting that long because of how competition they have.You are right. I didn't name some other games since I did not want to create my opinion seem inconsiderate of other people's experiences. I grew up on other titles which will have a spot in my heart, and Minecraft, Halo. I just wanted to reveal just how much it means that I can look back on fond memories of RS.

    Runescape is a game that sticks with you. I've tried many games like GW2, Aion, Black Desert, Last Chaos, Perfect World, ArcheAge, and Final Fantasy XIV however none of them ever stick like Runescape (currently OSRS) has. I find myself returning to RuneScape since the quantity of different things you can do is really vast. Quests have storylines unlike other games and FFXIV does not come anywhere close to it. It is a pity EOC ruined the first Runescape.

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