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Start date 19-02-21 - 00:00
End date 28-02-21 - 11:00
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    Hi again, Well, I guess this is it. Ive finished pretty much every demand for a berserker aside from monkey madness and desert treasure....Ive decided to complete them both within these two weeks. Now, I have 3m to invest on completing these quests, and however large (should you thnk so)my stats are, I want to get these two quests done quickly and as simple as POSSIBLE. So, I could invest 800k at a dwarf multicannon, if you think this is the easiest method for me to finish these two quests.

    Tell me a few tips and what to invest my cash into before I begin these quests and that you can do first. Also, if you know a fantastic ~35 defnce guide for all these two quests, then give me the connection here. Otherwise ill be using sals domain guides. The only stats I have so far is 14 range (I simply created a new acc) and I was wondering exactly what to do with this account. I am not thinking of Pking, I need this to be rounded because of the fact that I might get subscription soon. I wished to know just where to begin, and the best way to begin working with this account. First off, I suggest getting woodcutting around 60 and cut yews for cash, there's quite a few bots however.

    Check out http://www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.