Phantasy Star Online 2 experiences critical hitching and lag Cover Image


Phantasy Star Online 2 experiences critical hitching and lag

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Phantasy Star Online 2 experiences critical hitching and lag has not posted anything yet
Start date 04-07-20 - 15:23
End date 31-07-20 - 15:23
  • Description

    Release of an open source PSO2 lightweight launcher for NA that eliminates hitching made by Xennma and Goomi. Connect to GitHub job and download at bottom. As many of you've no doubt encountered, while in intense zones like the Lobby/Gate Area, Phantasy Star Online 2 experiences critical hitching and lag. The way they're applied is the Official Launcher is run, it downloads a file (management_beta. Txt) in the PSO2 servers that contains various configuration information, among them being Memory Optimizations should be enabled. If this is true, Phantasy Star Online 2 is started with the -optimisation argument and you experience hitching during gameplay.

    This also means at any point in time the developers can alter this factor in their server to be false and everyone would immediately have the hitching and poor performance issues resolved with no game patch required. To prevent getting the memory optimizations applied, this Thin Launcher will perform exactly the same steps lots of Reddit articles have pointed out, and that the PSO2 Tweaker does. On launch, it is going to rename pso2launcher.exe into pso2launcher_temp.exe and rename pso2.exe into pso2launcher.exe. It will launch Phantasy Star Online 2. After Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently operating, the Thin Launcher minimizes to a System Tray and remains in the background. After Phantasy Star Online 2 process has exited, the launcher will restore the file names to the initial values and exit itself.

    We wanted something lightweight which was easy to use for a particular purpose. In this scenario we designed the Thin Launcher to work especially with the NA customer to utilize almost no system resources or storage and give a way we can click to operate and instantly be in-game rather than experience hitching Today by default the Thin Launcher will exhibit an interface to you with the symbolic linked path of your game install, a short description of how it functions, and a big launch button.

    Once you click on Launch, it will check whether you've got the most recent version and in that case, launching Phantasy Star Online 2 and also minimize itself as previously noted. But if you don't have the most recent version it will display a prompt asking in the event that you would instead like to run the Official Launcher to begin patching. The launcher may also be put anywhere on your computer. As a result of this being a Windows Store game, it will be able to discover your game set up and start it just fine. In the event you would like to depart the Thin Launcher manually while Phantasy Star Online 2 is running, the tray icon could be right clicked to open a context menu to correctly exit the launcher.

    It is not the MS shop that is the matter, but the Sega devs relying upon shoehorning 8 year old badly coded software to a contemporary ecosystem. This is where the Arks-Layer tweaker solved lots of these problems and even it took a while to receive its own tower to where it is now. For your NA PC release they essentially took the first JP launch, launcher and most importantly, 1:1 and published it into the Windows Store, rescue few extra documents for Xbox Live integration and the one text file denoting it as a JP or NA release.

    More information about PSO2 in