Part time online job creating accounts for users on jamiihuru

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Start making money by registering new members to jamii huru, This is not a refferal program but is full employment that you will be able to collect money from $1 to your wallet and spend it as you wish. Yes when you create account of your user you get paid $1 from repective user.

Members of jamii huru get 10 accounts to sell to their friends or online users or ofline , one account is worth 1 USD. When you finish to sell those account you get other 10 accounts, these accounts are provided for free. You can reduce the cost of selling account let say one account you sell at 0.5 dollar so you can attract many users to come to register though your accounts.

How to do this job
You are a social media user facebook, twitter, instagram. whatsaap, telegram you arleady have many customers in your devices, Create telegram group or whatsapp group special for this job add members to your group and start teaching them that jamiihuru hires people who can register new members to the site and who can create original articles in the blog section inside Now they will come here to register but they will not see the registration button they will ask you how to reguster here so you will start selling the accounts you get from That is all about.

If you have any question and you are not a member of jamiihuru yet reach us whatsapp +255620827531 for more explanations and getting your account here

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