Learn How to sell or convert the dollar money that is in your jamii huru wallet

Convert jamii huru money to your local currency for expenditure

You are lack to be part of jamii huru social media that value its users, jamii huru pays its users for participation, You get paid for inviting friends to join jamii huru and you get paid for creating original contents, 

Jamii huru has more opportunities, It hires agents in all countries in the world to the level of streets, each streat in the word will have an agent who act as jamii huru oficer and help to give support services to the street dwellers, 

Agents are paid $1000 to start with their business. This money is send to jamii huru wallet from the day one when you agree to be an agent. 

Now you need to know how you can convert that money to your currency by doing simple marketing jobs, You first need to create the pool of funs like whatsapp group facebook book group, or get twitter followers then start educating them how jamii huru is more than any social media in the world, Your followers now will be interested to join jamii huru you are one step ahead to convert your jamii huru dollar curency.

Now start educating them that advertising to jamii huru is cheapest than any online platform sure your followers will need to advertise but how can they advertise? They need to have jamii huru dollar to advertise, You have the chance now tell them to send you local currency through mobile phone, or bank and go to your walet click send select the username who sent you local currency fill the amont you convert click send the business is over. 

Your wallet can be found here https://www.jamiihuru.com/wallet