This is the best Work from home online job in India

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Many Indians are needed to work online creating articles and news to

This is the best Work from home online job in India 

You are grad to be here, This is the best work from home online job in India, There are a lot of websites that cheat people that they can give them better paying jobs but if you join to them you end up wasting your time or money. social media pays you soon after joining since once you join you will be able to register others an get paid. You first receive your $1 then you register a person. It is different from other referral systems that you must first register as many people so that they they you ans some dont pay you.

In you register a person if she/he has paid you $1.00 USD. You accept payments through local payment methods available in your country like mobile phone payments, paypal or accept cash if you are registering people direct in the street. creates true online job to everyone in the world, what you need to do is to be creative how you can convice people to join to, has three proucts that you can market and not less that 100 members per day from facebook whatsapp twitter and other online social platforms, You will make $100 per day if you get only 100 people who will tell you they need to be signed up to

The three products that you can sell are

Jamiihuru pays every one who registers new members, You get paid from a user who need to be signed up to jamiihuru.

Jamiihuru pays all members who create original contents/articles or news to blog section, The money can be withdrawn any time from when you reach $50 minimum threshold, every article or post you create earns you coins that are converted to USD currency direct to your jamiihuru wallet. has dating product, that you can search all girls nearby you or search all boys nearby you by looking distance of kilometers from where you are. Example if you search for girls near you by one kilometer obvious you get all girls living in your street.
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