Get funds for your project, accept donations now

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Accept donations for a new project or get money to solve your social problems for free

Everything now adays is going digital, join social media that its members help each other, 

It is simple you explain your project or problem by creating funding request then members donates you any amount they have. just imagine the social media has bilions o users who worship God an they believe helping each other is helping God. So if you explain well why you are fundraising you will get donaters, assume 1000 jamiihuru users donates only $ 1 each you will have rasied $1000 for free. You pay one time fee that is $1 (USD) This is registration fee that also makes onother opportunity to users because you can also start registering others an they will be paying you $1 each as registration fee

Appart from waiting for donations you can also work with, we have two potential obs First is creating original contents you get paid per article, second is recomening others from facebook, twitter,instagram, whatsapp an other social media or street friends then when they need to be registered to you will tell them that you are an agent becuase you are already a mamber of an you can register others by sending them registration forms that you get for free from 

All members of can earn money by selling registion forms one form is worth $1. one form registers only one member. if you get 10 members per day who nee to join you will make $10 from them. They sen you money through Mpesa, safaricom, paypal, MTN or any local payment, if it is streetwise you accept payments by your hand. Start now making money with contact us whatsapp or telegram 0652428852 You get an account today if you can pay only $1 though bitcoins, paypal, mpesa, tigopesa an other mobile payments

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