How to create a page and get paid from jamii huru

Lean how to create a page on jamii huru and get paid per each like you get

Hello jamaa online user. as we anaunced from first day you get paid per each like you get from jamaa online page you admin.


1000 likes is woth 0.5 USD. It is better you use jamaa online social netwok rather than spending time to social networks that do not pay you anything.

Calculate if you get 100k likes how much dollars will you get? And you can get 10000 likes per day if you are searious because likers are from jamaa online it self, facebook friends, twitter friends, instagram frinends and blog readers.

To create a page is simple click this link

Fill all fields

Page name Put your page name if you use more than one world do not put spacing on page name exaple put bestguys not best guys

in page tittle you can put spcaing like best guys

If you get any problem creating your page or promoting your page ask o comment section below.

"Keep enjoying what you did not get from other social networks"