High paid referral program 2019, 2020

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Make good money referring people to jamiihuru.com. High paid referral program 2019/2020

Invite friends to join jamiihuru.com get paid 80% of what he/she deposit online 

Jamiihuru.com is like a bank that you can deposit your money safely an send to friends online. You can also work with jamiihuru.com earn money and send some portion to friends

You get paid 80% when you invite friends to join jamiihuru.com and he/she deposit money to jamiihuru.com, Let say you invited a friend to jamiihuru.com an that friend deside to deposit money to his jamiihuru.com wallet from Paypal, bitcoin, bank, mpesa, Tigopesa, safaricom or any means of money transfer you get 80% fo what he deposited.

Why people are interested to deposit their money to jamiihuru.com? It is because they need to advertise their business, They need to get verified badges, They need to upgrade to V.I.P membership so that they get access to earning revenues from jamiihuru.com by creating original artilces and get paid per post. only V.I.P members get paid for creating paid contents.

So this is any opportunity for you, the more you invite friends the more you get high commission from those whom you invited. It is simple to get people from online and offline. Example you have 10k followers on twitter if you tweet your jamiihuru refferal link on twitter you can get not less than 5k members who will join jamiihuru.com depending on how you convince them to sign up.

Then if you get only 1k members who deposit atleast $1.99 You will be collected total money $ 1990, now find the 80% of $1990 that is your money that you withdraw from jamiihuru.com.

Why not start inviting people from whatsapp groups, facebook groups,twitter, telegram groups, emails, blogs, forums and other online platiforms that you can get milions of users and earn milion dollars? Start now for free sign up www.jamiihuru.com/register 

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