Jamiihuru Blog competition (JBC) Every blogger can win

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Share your blog link let the community vote for your blog and win $100 for free from jamiihuru.com

Hello world, there is blog competion that you can win $100, it is free to participate 

Jamiihuru.com conducts this competition to let bloggers learn how to create supper blog post and how to advertise there blogs.

How to participate

First create the best blog post here to jamiihuru.com and share blog link to social media or any online platiform you know. You can create here https://www.jamiihuru.com/create-blog/


How to win

The article that will get 10,000 views per seven days from when the article was created will be the winner of $100

Payment method

$100 will be send to your jamiihuru.com walet You can use it to buy anything inside jamiihuru.com or exchange it to your currency an spend it 

Important Tips 

If you need to win make sure you write any article that solve peoples problems or intertain

You must join facebook groups, whatsapp groups, telegram groups that have large number of members so as you share  your blog post and get many views example if you share your blog post link to 300,000 facebook group members on facebook you must get more than 10,000 views in one day.

Winners will be announced and paid every sunday 22:00 PM

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