Big copper investment ni wezi take care

Don't invest in big copper site. They are scams let us see reviews

Big copper site investment have all scam indicators


Usiwekeze pesa zako big copper site unaibiwa. Yes I wanted to invest when I followed then to telegram group I asked them when big copper site started to invest? They saw my question as bad question and removed me to the group on spot this is one of indicator that big copper investment is typical scam.


I went to Google and asked whois domain service I searched for big and I noticed the domain was registered in Tanzania 2019-07-04  and it expires in 2020-07.04 they only registered for a single year now ask your self if it is real company that deal with true investment can it register the domain for only a single year? This is the second indicator that big copper site is a scam.


Ukiwekeza pesa zako kwenye big andika umeibiwa. 


Sure I am telling you big copper site investment is scam don't invest your bitcoins