How to make money online with a blog 2020/21

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Learn all skills that you need to start making money online with a blog

How to make money online with a blog 2020/21

The right way to make money online is through blogging.

What is the meaning of the term blogging? 

Blogging is the action of publishing an article or post on a blog this is simple definition of the term blogging.

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 Starting a blog is easy and it is free,  I'm going to teach you step by step on how to create a blog and start making money online with Google adsense

My advice to you today, please don't ignore to start a blog today. If you have  computer or smartphone you can start a blog for free in a few minutes. And if you tried to run a blog but you failed to make money, I promise you if you will keep following my blog posts you will start making good money this month from your blog.

 I have blogging program that allows bloggers to blog together so we can share traffic and advertisements so make sure you create your blog today click , create one start posting topic of your interest then let us help monetize your blog.

There is no reason to stay at home jobless while you can make good money through blogging.

 This is the best work from home job.  First let me talk with students,  dear students you can also start blogging while you are in school a student can create his or her job while schooling especially those who are in colleges or universities.

 Most of students own laptops and  smartphones, if they can use effective these devices they can help to reduce unemployment problem in the world.

 Taking an example a student who takes bachelor degree in sociology or psychology He or she can you start a blog or website of teaching sociology or psychology staffs.

 How students can start earning money from school so they pay for school fees or tuition fee or  accommodation.

 The blogging activity also can make this student to pass well exams because he or she will be learning through teaching others

 These days students use Google Search engine to find study materials/ resources and some use Google to find answers for the assignments. It is normal these days to see a student in exam room searching for answers for the given questions. It is illegal but they do it when they get chance to do so.

 This is an opportunity for you to start a blog that will be teaching something online and searchers will find you on google search engine

Millions of people are there to read your blog,  so you will make good money from free traffic.


 How a student can manage to blog without affecting school programs

If you like this article about how to make money online with a blog 2020/21 keep reading. A student can blog without affecting the school programs by having a good time table. Blogging can only use one hour per day. You can prepare post idea and create it finally publish it in 1 hour. So to spend 1 to 3 hours a today creating a good post does not affect your normal school routine but improves your knowledge since you are blogging what you are learning in a school or college.

After creating your blog now you need to be creative when composing contents that will attract people in the world to read your blog daily. Consider to create blog App an publish it on play store so people can move with your blog on their mobile phones.

I can also create good native App for your blog  an publish on play store for little budgets. contact me through

 I created this good post within 4 hours that is why you keep reading this article. So do the same find topic of your interest then create the best post that teaches or entertain people, you will get many readers and you start making good money online from advertisements.

 Let me tell you something. Do you know Facebook was created by a student? yes Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of Facebook. he started this social media when he was in college. You can start the same type of social media or any kind of blog or website that can allow you to make a lot of money online.

 You can own a site like  but this needs financial capital to get such a blog.  My recommendation to you is that  start with a free blog.  You can create free blog from you only invest your time.


 How Google adsense pays bloggers 

 Google adsense is the leading advertisement network that pays higher than all advertisement networks in the world. I have never seen another ad network that pays like Google adsense. There are high-paying adsense keywords and the low paying adsense keywords.

 To list few highest paying adsense keywords are insurance, gas/electricity, loans, mortgage,  attorney, lawyer conference call, degree, credits.

I will keep teaching you about how these keywords  work, so please follow my account 

Google pays it's publishers through Western Union or bank wire payment method.  It is easy to get your money from Google through Western Union. The majority of Africans have no access to bank services they are marginalized people and they live in rural areas so if you are among them don't  worry you can get your money from Google through Western Union payment method

 How Western Union works

 This is how western union works, There is a Sender and receiver  a sender sends money to any Western Union branch and provides the sender billing ID to the receiver.  The receiver goes to Western Union branch that is nearby and shows his or her national ID and a billing ID then a Western Union customer service reviews and approves the billing ID that is provided by the sender if they are the same from that has been  provided by the receiver if this is correct then he or she will look on the national ID of the receiver if the names are the same from the names available in  senders details finally the receiver gets the money.

 How to get blog traffic for free

 In this section I'm teaching you how to get millions of free blog page views.  Before we proceed understand that the more blog page views the more money you earn from Google adsense.

 There are two ways that Google uses to pay its publishers. The first one is cost-per-click (CPC) and the second is cost per thousand impressions (CPM) Google shows ads by using keywords. Example if a user searches for the term "Learn how to create a blog in 2020" the keyword here is "create a blog" or "blog". Now it depends on how  the Advertiser how much has paid for that keyword to show ads on your blog.

You need to select the highest paying blog niche and highest paid google adsense keywords when creating your blog posts .Example of the highest paying blog niches are downloads blogs, health and fitness blogs insurance blogs, automobile blogs make money online blogs, marketing and advertising blogs, technology blogs, Personal Finance blogs.

 Now see how you can get free traffic to your blog

 The first method of sending free traffic to your blog is selecting good keywords that are most searched on Google search engine. You will get free traffic from all search engines. Example of most searched keywords are in these categories  Education news that includes scholarship, exam results, study materials/resources.

 Love and relationships that includes dating sites,  how to date a girl, Breaking news that happened on a particular day.

Select keywords that are  most searched in your country or world.  Use Google Trends to know the most searched keyword hour per ,per day, per week or per year.

 The second method of sending free traffic to your blog is the use of social media. Create posts that are most shared on social media. People who read your blog will share your post to social media. This will  result to social media users to click the link and go to read your blog post. Make sure you integrate social sharing buttons on your blog. Some blog themes are already integrated with social sharing buttons. Blog readers can share to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.

 If you don't like to wait, consider promoting your blog with a low budget. There is cheapest social media to advertise your blog. That is On social media you only pay  $1 to advertise your blog a year. And you reach more than 1 million users per year.

Blogging is the best work that you can do without stress. You can blog  any topic of your interest. By selecting the topic of your interest you will make this job to become your favorite job. Blogging is a funny job,  you can love blogging even if you don't earn a single dollar.

So if you have a blog that is generating you money you will love more blogging activity.  You don't need to pay for company registration start for free at the beginning. Create your blog at  It is free and it takes only 5 minutes to set your blog and publish it online

 Once you complete your blog, send your blog link to this email so we can register you to our monetization program. There is no reason to waste time online while you can make a lot of money  through blogging 2020/21

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Let us know if you arleady tried to make money blogging and challenges you faced so we can help you not to repeat those mistakes and you will learn more from this post about how tomake money online with a blog 2020/21