The best free donation platform | #1 in the world

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Start accepting donations online for free. This is the #1 donation platform in the world. No commission no registration fee. social media

The best free donation platform|#1 in the world

 Donation meaning in English is something that is given to a charity. Donation  thesaurus  meanings can be in different words. If you are in india you can also want to know about the donation meaning in Tamil but let us keep the definition of donation as explained before.

Some situations that  an individual requires to create a donation request.People use donation letters to request for charity. You can create good donation letters that include donation  quotes inside so you can convince people to donate for you.

 Jamii huru  is the best free donation platform in the world. You can request for donation online in a few minutes. Does not ask for company registration or individual details like credit card. you sign up for free using only email addresses and your names and create a donation request in a minute. sign up now if you need to fund-raise for any course of disaster

 How to make a charitable donation online


 Like what doctors without borders do, they fundraise money online that can be used to respond to emergencies,  epidemics, and natural disasters. You can also request for donations online and get a lot of money that you can use to start a small business and reduce poverty.

 There are people these days  who are ready to help others.  Let us take any example you have 1000  followers in donation platform and they like your contents. that talk about her eradicating poverty. From this scenario you can at least get 500 people to donate for you.

 There you will collect at least $500 from your followers. The trick is to start grabbing the attention of your followers by giving them some valuable life can create content that teaches people various topics so they like to follow you. make them your friends. has  people from all over the world. For example , people who live in developed countries like Canada, USA, UK donate 4 people living in poor countries like Uganda,Somalia, Tanzania and Malawi. They use donation platform.

 Online donation for non-profit organisations can easily be done through    NGOS except for good donations through this fundraising platform. Not only companies or NGOS  but also individuals use to accept donations from people who are well financially.

A person can run a charitable event whereby people can donate for church building or modification. The important Factor is to sign up to and create funding requests.

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 You can get more money if you share the link of donation request to friends in other social media like Facebook, WhatsApp so they donate for you through This platform does not charge any commission, All what you get is yours. This is  quite the when you compare to other fundraising online platforms. They charge you some commissions.

 A student can collect the nation online for the purpose of acquiring school fees tuition fee accommodation fee. he or she can request for donation   that can be used for stationery.. get your account today sign up to You can start building your followers from developed countries like USA UK Japan so you can get donors through

 School owners can create donation requests for any purpose like  starting a new school or expanding the existing one. as We Know education is a social issue, most countries struggle to improve education services. so it is likely possible to get people who will donate for your school.

 Orphanage  organisations  can you request for donation online  through There are many orphanage organisations that require donations so they can improve the services offered. individuals and other stakeholders I am willing to donate for orphans.

 Why not create a donation request if the country has a disaster like floods, hunger, earthquake super money collected it can be used to buy food for the victims. Some big organisations like UNHCR  and WHO can still use to collect donations.

People with disabilities can also be donated through What you need to do is to take a convincing photo of the disabled person and an introduction letter from any local leader or any institution that shows the relationship between the person who requests for donation and the disabled person. upload the document to online donation platform. I'm telling you a lot of money will be donated from innocent people. Most Africans and Asians are poor. They are marginalized but helps them to collect free money online. As a result, the money they get they use to start a small business. This helps to reduce poverty in rural Africa and Asia.

How avoids fake donation requests

 It is necessary to fight against misuse of the platform of features.Therefore  reserves the right to review all the nations requests.the person who creates the nation only be half of the Victim must  have a close relationship with the victim. This can be proved by local government leaders or any institution that is responsible to take care of the Victim.

 It is better if you share some details that well explain  the relationship Between you and the victim. This will also convince people to donate for you.

 Donation requests that aim to promote violence or more at will not be entertained. For example , donation 13 to buy weapons for promoting war in a particular country donation that aims to produce cannabis or marijuana  can't be accepted.

A person can't use someone's  documents to create a donation request without informing the owner.The owner of the document can anytime claim for all money donated under the umbrella of his or her identity.

You are commended to verify your account on  so you can base people to trust you and donate for you. The verification badge  cost USD 1 only one time fee.

 Why people should donate for you

 In this world believe and believe everyone has his or her belief. There are people who believe in God some believe in Jesus Christ, others believe in Mohammad and the remaining believe barriers symbols. All holy books teach people about helping others. and the same traditions also emphasize people Helping each other in this case people are ready to donate for you.

 Christians believe that you can't see God's if you don't help people who are in need they sell to Muslims. you can't see good in church buildings, you can't see God's most you will die but you can see god when you help people who are in need.

There are some situations in this world that if you come across you will be met without being asked by any person example if you missed some schools in Africa you can find people's say it the floor or on storms No chairs no disk the reason is that the government does not have enough funds to improve teaching and learning environment in schools. so why not donate for them with a request for donation through 

 Some people have viable business ideas and some have gone further. They have complete well-planned business plans but they don't have money to implement their business ideas. Why not donate  a single dollar so a person like these can collect USD500 that you Financial Capital. If you help one person in Africa you could be helped more than three people in Africa.this is because If one person is successful in Tanzania he or she must  take care of the whole family.

And if you get a chance to visit rural Tanzania you can find some children are the head of the household. A child who is  standard six is the head of the household. he or she is the one who searches for food by begging or is the one who takes care of Young Ones because parents are away . Why not create a donation request on on behalf of this special group. to take care of them because they are a special group a pastor or any government can create donation requests to help street children orphans and Widows nearby.

 It is not difficult to get USD one donation from a person who spends USD 50 per day on meals only. This is a lifestyle living in the USA , Canada, UK. They spend more than USD 50 per day on meals only. It is an unbelievable Story two people living in Africa or Asia but this is the true formation. what you need is to explain well you are a of creating donation request then people will donate for you without any difficulty conditions

 By concluding is the best social dimension platform that everyone can use to collect free money from innocent people in the world. your donation description will convince or discourage people to donate for you. so create a good description that explains well one you are requesting for the donation. people are willing to donate for you it is difficult for a rich to enter in heaven Tanya came home to enter needle hole let us help people who are in need.if you have any opinion concerning this article you can comment below and it costs you nothing to share this article link on other social platforms so people can be aware about the service offered bye this platform click share button then send it to WhatsApp Facebook Twitter and other social platforms you are connected may God be with you