Why jamii huru pays you?

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You get paid because you create contents that make jamii huru stay live online

You might face the same question why jamii huru pays its members who write posts? The answer is you get paid because you create supper posts that make jamii huru become popular in the internet through search engines like google yahoo bing and other search engines you use daily. Without you there is no jamii huru, 

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There are many social networks, You have accounts to them but you get nothing when comes to revenues. They use win-loose situation but jamii huur use win-win situon you earn and jamii huru earn too.

You derve to be paid when you invite frieds to join jamiihuru becuase you advertise jamii huru. share your unique link to whatsapp, telegram, facebook, twiiter and blogs get many people who click your unique link and come to jamii huru you get paid $1 per each member you invite to join jamii huru and upgrades to pro.

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