How to make money online legitimate website

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Learn how to make money online 2020/2, don't loose money investing to scam websites

Welcome to jamiihuru, in this website you  learn how to make money online. We discuss about all opportunities that are available online.

Many people wants to make money online but they don't have accurate information. Some people are investing online but they find their money lost.

Today I'm teaching you the legit website to make money online that is register now start inviting friends to join Jamii Huru social media and start making money online. needs many people who can write good articles in this social media. If you have talent you can start writing good articles you get paid.

Choose any topic of your interest start writing teaching people how to do things you get it are each post that you create in this social media. 

All topics should be written any blog section. And your article should contain more than 500 words. It is a simple to create an article that contains more than 500 words you can use speech to to write.

What is speech tool.

This is the way of writing by using speech sound. You can create an article by just speaking like what I do I speak my smartphone writes. I can write more than 1000 words we will 30 minutes.

Typing sometimes can be difficult to work or boring work but if you just speak then you are computer work sure it is simple work. You can be making some collections because typing tool that use speech sounds is not accurate sometimes it can write different word that you intended to write especially synonyms. create jobs for young people who use internet you can make money by using your smartphone or computer. Stay at home teaching people how to do things online or offline you earn money. Share with friends about since this is  very interesting social media.

you can face some difficulties when he starting creating an article since you must upgrade to VIP membership. This will cost you less than $2 to upgrade your accountcount. We need you to upgrade to VIP membership or pro membership so that we fight against spams. We believe that an account that is upgraded can't be used by robots spams.

We need fresh at Coles that are created by human beings by using their skills knowledge and effort.

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