Tunisia WhatsApp group links and telegram group links join here

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Join active WhatsApp group links in Tunisia 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 date, market your business and more also join telegram group links in Tunisia

WhatsApp links in Tunisia and telegram links in Tunisia

All active WhatsApp groups in Tunisia you join you start enjoying dating, discussing about business, politics, scholarship, jobs, breaking news, everything happening in Tunisia.

My dear Tunisia people if our president gives you chance to speak about our nation what will you voice up? Comment below let's see how people of Tunisia see there country.

I love my country, I can die for it sure. This country has many opportunities, we have beautiful land full of Rivers, lakes, if we think big Tunisia may become top richest country in the world.

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Is WhatsApp platform useful in Tunisia
Perhaps yes, but for some people is not useful since they use WhatsApp to waste time. On my side I use WhatsApp to market my business, I use WhatsApp to create social networking, I use WhatsApp for communication

You can tell us how you use WhatsApp scroll down then comment and see others what they have commented.

What will you do if Tunisia ban WhatsApp tomorrow?

I can't leave without WhatsApp for sure, WhatsApp generates me good income, if Tunisia bans WhatsApp I will use any technics to in ban WhatsApp and keep using it. Some one can teach us how to access whatsapp when Tunisia ban it. Comment below

Does Tunisia has beautiful ladies?

I can say all beautiful ladies are born in Tunisia. Believe me. In this website I see many girls joined from Tunisia they are so cute you can prove me right if you join this social

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WhatsApp links in Tunisia by region
Join WhatsApp groups in Tunisia nearby you meet people nearby in Tunisia


Do you have a WhatsApp group in Tunisia and you want people to join ? I tell you your group will get full today and you will charge them some fee.

I give you this business idea, create WhatsApp group for any interesting topic in Tunisia then copy the invitation link and comment below this post.

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How will you attract people to pay for your group

It is simple first wait the group to full. Then new members will be coming to try to join they will get a message from whatsapp that the group is full try again later no one is able to wait for days so he she can join to very interesting WhatsApp group so in description put these sentences " Welcome new members if you see the group is full don't worry i can add you now contact my Whatsapp number 100080008000 I add you this time if you are willing to pay me $1."

Nice description now you have 256 members in your group wait new member once he/,she pays you. Remove one member from your group because you have 256 members who have not paid Add this new member who have paid.

How can you differentiate members who have paid for your whatsapp group in Tunisia and who have not paid
Do this use whatsapp business app you can download on play store search whatsapp business

Install it open go to setting edit as you wish now once a member pays go to setting then lebal paid member. This will show paid member lebal to all whatsapp group members who paid for your group.

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Whatsapp group ideas

There are whatsapp group ideas that will attract users to join let's see

Whatsapp dating group: this is number one whatsapp idea that will make you $256 per mouth or a week. Yes seducing a girl face to face at first time is difficult for many boys when comes to ask girls phone number but on whatsapp group is as easy as drinking water.

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Onother whatsapp group topic idea is porn group or adult group but make sure you know that Tunisia does not allow pornograph or not. This topic idea is for adults, many people wants to relax by sharing porn and watching and is easy for them to get one for sex. But make it street wise, region so people can be chatting with nearby girls or boys and become easy for them to meet too. Your target here is making money not promoting porn. Don't be addicted because porn contents can cause addiction to your body and lead to masterbation . masterbation has negative effects.

You can research other whatsapp group topics that will interest people from Tunisia to join and pay you at least $1 one time fee. You can become millionaire in Tunisia. Yes assume you have 10 groups with very hot topics you get 256 members each group Total members will be 2560 now market your groups so all members pay you $1 one time fee. You will have $2560 my dear friend is this little money in Tunisia?

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