No Africa without a Chinese

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Weather you like or not We debate here our motion states that "NO AFRICA WITHOUT A CHINESE" That means Africa without china is like white elephant.

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 An African wake up in the morning he or she take toothbrush and toothpaste made in China in order to make his or her teeth cleaner and strong, so if China stops producing these products Africa will suffer consequently.

No Africa Without China



Then an African dresses shoes and other clothes made in China because this clothes are cheaper than all that are not made in China so if China stops to import these products in Africa then Africa will suffer a lot.

Ok here we go now an African takes his or her phone made in China also takes motorcycle or motor vehicle made in China because are cheaper than made in Japan or he or she uses public transport made in China. So think if China will stop importing these vehicles in Africa what will happen Africans can walk on food even if they have money in their pockets.

This African enters the office opens a locker at the door that is made in China sit on chair made in China table made in China a pen made in China a pencil made in shanghai China. Laptop made in China so if China stops to produce these products for Africa what will happen how African offices will look like? 

After few hours an African goes  for a break, he or she take breakfast using tea cup made in China tea spoon made in China plates made in China some goes father even bites made in China (sausages) is there African life without Chinese?

An African back to the office for the daily routine after few hours later takes some meal like meat after the meal and African needs toothpick made in China yes I repeat toothpick made in China while there are many forests in Africa.

Again an African goes back to his or her job activities because he or she has taken a meal now after few hours there must be a toilet nearby he or she enters the toilet, An African uses toilet papers made in China toilet sink made in China and other toilet decorations made in China

An African continues with his or her job after few hours the work time is over so an African close the office using the locker made-in-china he or she takes the transport made in China back to home an African reaches home and and  meat  his/her small kid playing with baby toys made in China

An African goes to the kitchen to prepare for dinner, an African uses utensils made in China. It is dinner time the game as a usual made in China, furnitures in the dining room are made in China. The African family is eating dinner while watching TV made in China and the film or movie made in Asia where china is available.

Time to bed and African goes to bed takes night dress made in China, bed covers made in China, bed sheets made in china, dressing table nearby made-in-china.  90%  the bedroom made in China.

Now he or she wants sex intercourse condoms made in China for family planning everything made in China. Guys think twice "start small but  think big" Share with Friends to different social media like i have shared on the social network that pays its users even you can get paid 1.00 USD per referral you also earn money when you create new interesting posts like this. Share now




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