Monday, December 3, 2018

How to get advertisers on your blog everyday Read here today
Advertising is the only simple way of earning revenues from your blog. But is very difficult to get advertisers even if you get traffic of 1000 visitors per day, if you do not know some key points of attracting people to advertise on your blog. A blog can accept unlimited ads, you can place ads or different gadgets or use ad server. 
How to get advertisers

I want to explain the advantages of using ad server rotating ads rather than placing ads on different Html gadgets. When you use ad server you are attracting advertisers to buy your ad spaces since they trust you that you can tell them how the value of your traffic using the ad server. Yes the ad server tells the advertiser everything about your traffic and how the ads are performed. But when you just ask people to advertise on your blog by placing on html gadget many advertisers do not trust the traffic report you share to them.

How can you get complete free ad server

You can get a complete free ad server that allow you to show unlimited impressions, unlimited clicks no paid plan just free forever, No hidden costs it totally free ad server in the internet. I give you this secret because you are lack to read this post. From now you will be rotating ads on your blog. Forum or chat room. There many advantages of using complete free ad server I will explain all in the coming days but today let me tell you how you can get the free ad server today and start accepting advertisements on your blog.

It is simple to get complete free ad server with no paid plans, no limits of impressions or clicks life time. Contact this expert on whatsapp or telegram +255652428852 you will get it today and technical assistant all days. We help bloggers who are interest of making good money from blog. Join our blogging forum, there you will get more knowledge about blogging

The ad server you get you can sell ads per click or per impressions, I mean the advertiser can buy ad impressions or clicks or he can pay per month basis and you set the ad for 30 days. When the month ends the campaign will stop. The advertiser can see daily report, weekly report, monthly report and even all time reporting. So the advertiser will know how the money was spent in the company, this is how you can get complete free ad server Share this post to blogging groups

Saturday, December 1, 2018

How to get many blog users per day from social media

How to get many blog users per day from social media

To get many blog users from social media per day needs you to be very smart. You can get many users per day from facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp or any social media you know. There are some important things you need to know before you start sending traffic to your blog.
free taffic from facebook

First make sure you write original contents in your blog, The contents must be interesting readers, I mean if you are blogging for education about a certain topic you must create contents relating to  that topic of interest. Now start searching for facebook groups using that keyword you like like if you are blogging about agriculture make sure you search for agricultural groups in facebook and join those groups it may be more than 10 or 100 groups no limit on joining facebook groups.

second thing create a page for your blog. Now share the post from blog using there share button from the post, send it to your page first, after that take from your page and share to many groups on facebook, make sure you use the share button in your page. So I repeat first you need to share your post from blog to page you manage then take from page you manage to groups. Do not share direct from blog to groups.

The same can be done on whatsapp,instagram and other social networks. You will get free traffic to your blog everyday. As i said you must share the post of a specific topic to correct group of interest this will influence facebook users to click on the link and go to your blog

Friday, November 30, 2018

How you can make money with how to do things blog

How you can make money with how to do things blog

You dot have an idea of blogging, I mean you do not have the topic of writing a blog, Here is suggestion. Just think of education you attained from university, college and secondary school from that you can start a blog that teaches people about a certain topic of your interest.
make money 

 Example if you are good ni writing biography you can be writing the peoples biography and publish them online. You will get many traffic from biography of artists and other famous people., But before you publish consult the particular person whom you write the bio.

The bio for Riziki Gregory Mbena

Riziki Gregory Mbena is a graduate at Sokoine University of Agriculture having started three years course in Bachelor of Rural development. Mr Riziki Gregory Mbena went for short entrepreneurship course conducted by International labor organization (ILO) The program known as “KAZI NJE NJE” in 2012. He managed to train more than 500 youths in Iringa District so that they become entrepreneurs; This trainings was supported by ILO under the program of Kazi nje nje and The Promise NGO found in Iringa Distriect. Mr Riziki has entrepreneurial spirit. Currently he works in administration department at BUHIGWE District, Kigoma, Tanzania.

Riziki Gregory mbena is interested with online money making programs, He spends his time 12 hours a day searching for online opportunities and working online. He is also a blog designer and couch to other blog beginners in Tanzania. You can rich him by his Telegram or whatsapp business number +255652428852.

The bio for Anitha Gaudensi Kakebe

Anitha Gaudensi Kakebe is a Tanzanian with certificate of rural development planning that was awarded from the institute of Rural development planning Lake Zone center mwanza, Tanzania.

She is self employed in Kigoma Region, Apart from offline business Anitha Gaudensi Kakebe enjoys being online communicating with friends in whatsapp groups and other social media. She also likes to spend time learning new things in the internet and sewing.

The bio for Bosco Madege

Bosco madege is a community mobilizer in Iringa District; He got his first Degree at sokoine university of Agriculture. Bosco Madege likes to spend his time on facebook discussing about political issues and the progress of the nation. He reentry work as teacher in Iringa region.

Bosco Madege is living in iringa Region recently working like part time teacher. He teaches secondary school subjects including History, Geography, Kiswahili and English, Bosco madege is interested on watching Football matches and movies. He is Chelsea fan and follower.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Jamaa the new social network coming in Africa
Do you know that now you can make good money by using social networks? Yes it is Jamaa the upcoming social network that pay you when you write valuable contents and do other online activities like voting and commenting

Jamaa social network is coming to challenge other social media like facebook, instagram and twitter. Now a user of social media spends the time making money from social media. You can also like to join the social newtrok that soon will be, Let us use our time effectively. Africa can develop if it will use effectively its resources including time recourses.

Many Africans misuse social media, They use social media to discuss politics all days or sharing lifestyle photos and what they like. They need to change now. Use social media to find new opportunities that can change your life.  I have facebook account connected with more that 500 africans sure I am boured to log in since what I see there is useless photos for my life. If you share your photo that show what you dressed or what you eat can help me. I need to discuss how to start small business or exchanging ideas that have value to my life.

We need to make changes, So by using Jamaa you can now make your life better by composing supper posts that will earn you money. You make money while you connect with the friends or new people in the world. It is good ideas to connect with friends who have interest of making money because they will also stimulate you on improving your life.

We know there was but soon will be closed and the existing will take part. Jamaa is more than Jamaa online. So if you signed up to now go to and get your account before changes takes place. Yes it can be free now to get account but in future that account will be sold for some dollars. Do not wait go to to get your account today.

Monday, November 26, 2018

How can I own a blog in Tanzania and  pay licence

How can I own a blog in Tanzania and pay licence fee

Some one asked me this question "how can I own a blog in Tanzania" we know is very expensive to own a blog in Tanzania since you need to pay to the government not less than $ 900 per three years of blogging. You get the licence that will allow you to publish the current affairs(new) right! True every country has its won way of maintaining its privacy. The Tanzania Cyber crime act of 2018 helps to maintain the privacy of the Tanzania nation and collects some fee from bloggers.
rich bloggers

My dear Tanzania bloggers this is not the end of reaching your blogging dreams. If blogging is your passion never stop because of fear of blogging Tax registration keep it up and you will get the way of paying that fee to the government. If you blog wisely and get all knowledge of blogging for money that tax amount is very little for sure. The only thing you miss is how to blog for money.

May be start a music download blog, or start a blog that teach people how to do things like what wikihow does. I do not think if these type of blogs need to pay for licence fee to Tanzanian Government consult their website go to the section of online content registrations. But any business starts from the grassroots so do not afraid to pay for tax any business need to pay for Tax. It is possible to get that amount of money from your blog within 3 years. Take any example your blog gets 1000 visitors per day that produce 5,000 page views per day, here you will have 150,000 page views per month. Take 150,000 page views x 3 years that is 36 moths = 5,400,000 pages views per three years. So if you sell ads all day 1 Tsh = 1 impression (1000 tsh per 1000 impressions)  you will get 5,400,000 tsh per three years. Take 5,400,000-13000 for lincence registration in your governemnt you remain with 4,100,000 this is your actual money after deducting the licence cost Keep it up and get 10,000 pay vies per day I am sure you will buy expencive car or house in three years. For education like this stay tuned is comming soon.

I will teach you methods of blogging for money so that you be able to pay for Licence Tax and registration Tax in your country stay tuned at coming soon. For now you can comment on this blog any think you think is right to share on this post. We love bloggers since are the ones who make us up to date in the world. The same bloggers are the ones who teach us various topics and we Get them though serious search engines like Google search engine and bing seach engines so Let us produce more bloggers in the world. I fyou think this is valuable post share it to facebook tweet it click now here below

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Will jamaa online compete with other giant social networks?

Will jamaa online compete with other giant social networks?

This is a question of some people that thing jamaa online is small online community so it is difficult to get friends and followers like other social networks. The answer is Jamaa online is more attractive than all social networks in the world, every one desires to spend more than five hours everday in jamaa online. This is because in Jamaa online there are more portetial features to users that other social networks, As explained I the previous post jamaa online is like money generating mashines to users not only to social network owners like is in other social networks, Only the owner makes good revenues each second a user uses the social network.
jamii huru

In jamaa online it is win-win situation, a user spends time to generate contents and view sponsored ads for social network ower at the same time the owner pays the user by generating that content. This is the model of business in jamaa online. Join today click

Every big thing you know today started with day one when it was very small. The giant elephant in the forest started like sperm from male elephant that joined the female elephant ovaries and generate a n elephant cuff. The giant facebook started with a single user that is any admin but today billions of users use facebook. Why not jamaa online to become the leading social network in the world? It is simple to win t he market because Jamaa online is more than other social networks you know. If you need to prove it sign up today and see why jamaa online is more than other social networks.

People are tired with the social networks that are full of people’s lifestyles, people post what they eat, what they dress, people post their girlfriends and boyfriends so that others can see how they know to choose love partiners this is not in jamaa online. Jamaa online is more than connection here people posts education matters like how to become rich online, how to start your online business, how to cultivate cassava, The how to do thinks websites. It is like wiki how but jamaa online is more than wiki how it is a social network that have value to its users.

In this social network you can send money to friends and receive money from friends. This the connection we need. “A friend in need is a friend indeed” By joining jamaa online you can get friends who can send you some dollars to solve your social or economic problems. Example you are sick you can tell your friends from jamaa online that you ask to get a donation so that you go to hospital. Jamaa online members since they have money in their accounts they will send you dollars that you will withdraw and got for treatment. That is why Jamaa online is going to challenge the giant social networks you know. Sign up now do not wait the deal to go.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

We accept guest post read here to post
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