About Jamii Huru
Join Jamii Huru make money while you enjoy connecting with people that matter to your life. Create original contents earn Money.

Jamiii huru social media is here to create true online jobs for billions of users in the world, We are the group of jamiihuru LTD based in East Africa Tanzania Kenya uganda ruanda and Burundi but we offer the same service to all users in the world Jamii Huru has three potential activities that pays it users,


 All page owners are paid according to the number of likes they get from their pages example 10000 likes is equal to 50 USD that a user is rewarded.

Jamii Hutru pays you when you create quality articles uploading interesting photo and video


  Jamii huru pays bloggers who create original articles or news on blog section 100 posts equals to $ 1.00 The last activity that users earn money from day one when they sign up is registering new members to jamiihuru.com.


How this works? It is simple you have followers or group members on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, Instagram and other social media or blogs what you need to do is to educate people about opportunities available in jamii huru then tell them that you are an agent who can register them here.


Finally accept $ 1 from the user who want to be registered and send him/her the unique link that you get from jamiihhuru.com the business is over. Remember to do this paying activity you need to be a registered member to jamiihuru.com.


For any problem contact us via contact page on this site or post inside jamihuru.com Stay with jamiihuru.com change your life today.

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