About Jamii Huru
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Jamiihuru.com is a Digital Platform managed by Jamii Huru a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) with its Head office at Morogoro,Tanzania,East Africa. We mostly work virtually for the rest of the world and is our pressure to establish our branches in all countries wordwide. You are invited to send propasal how you can become our agent in your area of residence Register to this social netwrok for futher procedures.


To Ensure internet users receive a wide range of online training
Ensuring people with a variety of financial problems are supported by the community
To Educate the community about the proper use of Social networks
Ensuring accurate and productive information for the community is readily available
Ensuring more unemployed youth are self-employed using the internet or the opportunities around them
Reduce Poverty in the Community by educating people on how to overcome extreme poverty



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