Terms of Use

This is the terms of use of JamiiHuru.com financial  Platform


Terms of Service

JamiiHuru.com builds technologies and services that enable people to connect with each other, build business communities make money online by investing their capital, apply for loan at 7% interest rate, send and receive money worldwide and grow their businesses.


The owners of JamiiHuru.com are the users who invested their capital therefore they have all rights to make decision about the platform and they have the right to earn the revenues generated by this  financial platfom according to the capital they have invested as listed below:

If the user invested 50 USD  will be earning 1 USD daily profit 

If the user invested 100 USD will be earning  3 USD daily profit 

If the user invested 250 USD will be earning 6 USD daily profit 

If the user invested 500 USD will be earning  12 USD daily profit 

If the user invested 1000 USD will be earning 25 USD daily 


If the user invested 2000 USD will be earning 50 USD daily.

If the user invested 4000 USD will be earning 100 USD daily 

The user agree to withdraw the daily profit when the set minimum amount to withdraw reaches.

Loan application criteria for approval.

The user can apply for loan if he/she has invested his/her own money atleast for 3 days from the first deposit. The user must verify his account with passport or national ID and have blue tick verification. The user must set correct location where he or she is living by turning on jamiihuru.com location button so the system can truck where the borrower is living.


Loan amount can be as follows.

If you invested $100 silver Investment plan you can take loan up to $500 and repay within 1 year

If you invested $250 Tanzanite investment plan you can take loan up to $750 and repay within 1 year 

If you invested $500 gold Investment plan you can take loan up to $2500 and repay within 2 years

If you invested $1000 uranium Investment plan you can take loan up to $5000 and repay it within 3 years

If you invested $2000 you can take loan up to $10000 and repay it within 3 years  years.

If you invested 4000 USD you can take loan up to 20,000 USD and repay with 5 years 

If you don't repay the loan with interest rate on time the company will take your initial investment capital and  profit that you keep earning every day in the platform and terminate you for further loan borrowing.

Becoming an agent

An agent of jamiihuru.com is a person who is verified to help others who don't know how to buy usdt or Bitcoin and deposit to www.jamiihuru.com.

Any Jamii Huru user can be an agent if he /she knows how to buy usdt or Bitcoin and he or she own Blockchain wallet like binance, trustwallet, remitano etc.

The role of an agent is to accept local currency from Jamii Huru customers who live in particular country and they don't know how to buy usdt or Bitcoin, the agent will buy usdt on behalf of the customer who paid local currency like naira in Nigeria, cedis in ghana rigit in Malaysia etc.

Also the agent will pay local currency to those customers who withdraw money from www.jamiihuru.com in for of usdt or Bitcoin the agent will exchange the usdt or Bitcoin to naira

An agent can charge service fee that is not more than 15% of what the customer wants to deposit, example if the customer wants to deposit usdt 100 the agent will charge the customer naira worth $115 so the $15 will be for transfer fee and service fee.

The agent will only be allowed to accept local currency less than the agent capital that is invested on www.jamiihuru.com example an agent *x* invested $100 this agent *x* will only be allowed to accept local currency worth $100 or less. This is to avoid scamming customers money.

 If the agent will receive local currency and run away without buying usdt for the customer who paid local currency that means jamiihuru.com shall take that amount invested from agent account and refund to the customer who was scammed and the agent will be banned forever.


Let your money generate more money 

If you have Blockchain wallet start offering loan to business people in Africa and Asia through this financial platfom


In poor countries like African countries they have very potential resources like minerals, large fertile land, enough water for irrigation. Viable land for animal husbandry and other many opportunities like offering social services like water electricity etc


But these people lack financial capital to start business projects, and banks in those poor countries do offer loan at very high interest rate up to 25 interest rate, as the results business people in those poor countries fail to develop their business since all the profit they get is going to repay the loan from the banks.


Now the financial platfom www jamiihuru.com saw this challenge and now is overcoming the challenge by collecting money from various individuals from developed countries like USA canada china Germany in form of usdt or Bitcoin and offering loan to those who need financial capital for starting business projects in their areas according to the opportunities they have.


So after taking the loan, the borrowers repay loan with 5% interest rate that is the profit of the owner of the capital who is living let say in developed country but his money is used as capital in poor countries.


This is the only way of helping poor countries to eradicate poverty .


Now you can start this paying business if you have Blockchain wallet like binance paxful Coinbase remitano or trustwallet


Create your account on www.jamiihuru.com deposit your capital from $25 start earning 5% profit every day from what you deposited as capital that can be used to offer loan on www.jamiihuru.com

These Terms govern your use of JamiiHuru.com, Loan service and the other products, features, apps, services, technologies and software that we offer (the JamiiHuru.com Product or Products), except where we expressly state that separate terms (and not these) apply. These Products are provided to you by JamiiHuru.com Platforms, Inc.

We charge you to use JamiiHuru.com or the other products and services at the lowest commission or service fees, Also businesses and organisations pay us to show you ads for their products and services. By using our Products, you agree that we can show you ads that we think will be relevant to you and your interests. We use your personal data to help determine which ads to show you.

We don't sell your personal data to advertisers, and we don't share information that directly identifies you (such as your name, email address or other contact information) with advertisers unless you give us specific permission. Instead, advertisers can tell us things such as the kind of audience that they want to see their ads, and we show those ads to people who may be interested. We provide advertisers with reports about the performance of their ads that help them understand how people are interacting with their content. See Section 2 below to learn more.

Our Data Policy explains how we collect and use your personal data to determine some of the ads that you see and provide all of the other services described below. You can also go to your settings at any time to review the privacy choices that you have about how we use your data.



1. The services we provide

Our mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together by eradicating poverty from poor countries. To help advance this mission, we provide the products and services described below to you:

Investment service that earn you daily profit.

Loan application up to $10,000 that you can repay at 5% within two years.

Send or receive money worldwide with the lowest cost.

Provide a personalised experience for you:

Your experience on JamiiHuru.com is unlike anyone else's: from the posts, stories, events, ads and other content that you see in News Feed or our video platform to the JamiiHuru.com Pages that you follow and other features you might use, such as Trending, JamiiHuru.com Marketplace and search. We use the data that we have – for example, about the connections you make, the choices and settings you select, and what you share and do on and off our Products – to personalise your experience.


Connect you with people and organisations that you care about:

We help you find and connect with people, groups, businesses, organisations and others that matter to you across the JamiiHuru.com Products you use. We use the data we have to make suggestions for you and others – for example, groups to join, events to attend, JamiiHuru.com Pages to follow or send a message to, shows to watch and people you may want to become friends with. Stronger ties make for better communities, and we believe that our services are most useful when people are connected to people, groups and organisations that they care about.


Empower you to express yourself and communicate about what matters to you:

There are many ways to express yourself on JamiiHuru.com and to communicate with friends, family and others about what matters to you and discuss about Investment– for example, sharing status updates, photos, videos and stories across the JamiiHuru.com Products that you use, sending messages to a friend or several people, creating events or groups, or adding content to your profile. We have also developed, and continue to explore, new ways for people to use technology, such as augmented reality and 360 video to create and share more expressive and engaging content on JamiiHuru.com Products.


Help you discover content, products and services that may interest you:

We show you ads, offers and other sponsored content to help you discover content, products and services that are offered by the many businesses and organisations that use JamiiHuru.com and other JamiiHuru.com Products. Section 2 below explains this in more detail.


Research ways to make our services better:

We engage in research to develop, test and improve our Products. This includes analysing the data we have about our users and understanding how people use our Products, for example by conducting surveys and testing and troubleshooting new features. Our Data Policy explains how we use data to support this research for the purposes of developing and improving our services.


Enable global access to our services:

To operate our global service, we need to store and distribute content and data in our data centres and systems around the world, including outside your country of residence. This infrastructure may be operated or controlled by JamiiHuru.com Platforms, Inc., JamiiHuru.com inc


Protecting people's privacy is central to how we've designed our ad system. This means that we can show you relevant and useful ads without telling advertisers who you are. We don't sell your personal data. We allow advertisers to tell us things such as their business goal, and the kind of audience that they want to see their ads (for example, people between the ages of 18-35 who like cycling). We then show their ad to people who might be interested.


We also provide advertisers with reports about the performance of their ads to help them understand how people are interacting with their content on and off JamiiHuru.com. For example, we provide general demographic and interest information to advertisers (for example, that an ad was seen by a woman between the ages of 25 and 34 who lives in Madrid and likes software engineering) to help them better understand their audience. We don't share information that directly identifies you (information such as your name or email address that by itself can be used to contact you or identifies who you are) unless you give us specific permission. Learn more about how JamiiHuru.com ads work here.


We collect and use your personal data in order to provide the services described above for you. You can learn about how we collect and use your data in our Data Policy. You have controls over the types of ads and advertisers you see, and the types of information we use to determine which ads we show you. Learn more.


 Your commitments to JamiiHuru.com and our community

We provide these services to you and others to help advance our mission. In exchange, we need you to make the following commitments:


 Who can use JamiiHuru.com

When people stand behind their opinions and actions, our community is safer and more accountable. For this reason, you must:

  • use the same name that you use in everyday life;
  • provide accurate information about yourself, and
  • not share your password, give access to your JamiiHuru.com account to others or transfer your account to anyone else (without our permission).


Updating our Terms

We work constantly to improve our services and develop new features to make our Products better for you and our community. As a result, we may need to update these Terms from time to time.

We will notify you (for example, by email or through our Products) at least 30 days.


We hope that you will continue using our Products, but if you do not agree to our updated Terms and no longer want to be a part of the JamiiHuru.com community, you can withdraw your fund and delete your account at any time.

We want JamiiHuru.com to be a place where people feel welcome and safe to invest and apply for cheap loan.