About Jamii Huru
Let your money generate more money invest where you can't be disappointed and apply for loan up to USD 20,000. Life is made easy.

Jamii Huru financial platfom is based in East Africa, Registered by the government of Kenya to provide digital services worldwide. The owners of Jamii Huru are the users who invested their capital on this financial platfom, All investors have the right to make decisions about Jamii Huru financial platfom, they have the right to earn the daily revenues or profits that are generated by the social network and investment platform.

The history behind 

Let your money generate more money 


If you have Blockchain wallet start offering loan to business people in Africa and Asia through this financial platfom


If you don't know.


In poor countries like African countries they have very potential resources like minerals, large fertile land, enough water for irrigation. Viable land for animal husbandry and other many opportunities like offering social services like water electricity etc


But these people lack financial capital to start business projects, and banks in those poor countries do offer loan at very high interest rate up to 25 interest rate, as the results business people in those poor countries fail to develop their business since all the profit they get is going to repay the loan from the banks.


Now the financial platfom www jamiihuru.com saw this challenge and now is overcoming the challenge by collecting money from various individuals from developed countries like USA canada china Germany in form of usdt or Bitcoin and offering loan to those who need financial capital for starting business projects in their areas according to the opportunities they have.


So after taking the loan, the borrowers repay loan with 5% interest rate that is the profit of the owner of the capital who is living let say in developed country but his money is used as capital in poor countries.


This is the only way of helping poor countries to eradicate poverty .


Now you can start this paying business if you have Blockchain wallet like binance paxful Coinbase remitano or trustwallet


Create your account on www.jamiihuru.com deposit your capital from $25 start earning 5% profit every day from what you deposited as capital that can be used to offer loan on www.jamiihuru.com