Is Tanzania unblocked, blocked social media!

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Tanzania unblocks blocked social media during election eve.

Are all blocked social media in Tanzania unblocked? 


Tanzania has unblocked gmail service that was not accessible for almost 5 days of general election in that peaceful contry 


Gmail users in Tanzania now they access gmail without using VPN or any type of proxes. This is good news for Tanzanians whose lives depends much on gmail services and other social media.


How gmail service is used in Tanzania?


Most of Tanzanians use gmail for official services like job application, university or schools application and loging in other official services like paying online bills and more. 

Blocking gmail in Tanzania is likely to stop users accessing all important services, a user can't log in or register in government services like recruitment portal if  email services are blocked.


Tanzania blocked all popular social media for not less than 5 days of general election. These include whatsapp twitter facebook Instagram and all google searvices expect google search engine that is widely used by students or scholars.

 Do social media offer positive effects than negative effects in Tanzania?

According to little observation WhatsApp Facebook twitter are used for enjoyments. Very few people use social media for positive gains like marketing products or making money online.

There are very few people who use social media to build audiences and start selling adverts or selling social media accounts example a lady irene uwoya Tanzanian actress and a mother of a single kid, says to advertise on her Instagram account you must pay her $800, this is almost 1,855,200 Tanzanian shillings.

Most of social media users use for enjoyments like jokes sharing, fake news sharing and other useless activities like porn  groups.

Internet fraud in Tanzania

Internet fraudulent activities are increasing in Tanzania, scammers use WhatsApp and telegram to steal money from Tanzanians.

They lie them that they invest and get double profit in 24 hours or a week. Most of them who conduct this activities are non Tanzanians. But the affected are Tanzanians who don't know how these scammers do.

If you see a WhatsApp  group or telegram group titled investment observe and take care. Most of scammers use these type of groups to scam people in Tanzania.

Tanzania restricts ponography publishing, sharing and watching if you are  caught dealing with illegal activity you are going to be jailed or fained or both two. But still people do this in WhatsApp groups.


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